Quadrocopter Configurations

There are different quadrocopter configurations you should know about. The red arrow shows the flight direction.

Quadcopter X Configuration

Quadcopter X

The X configuration is very popular. All our quadcopters in the trick videos are using this configuration.


Quadrocopter Plus Configuration

Quadcopter +

The plus configuration feels very similar to the X configuration. When you are performing a normal front or backflip it is actually a cross-axis roll like on the x configuration.


Quadcopter Y4 Configuration

Quadcopter Y4

Looks more like a tricopter but it is a quadcopter. Way less performance than the X or + configuration. Easy to see through the Y like shape.


Quadcopter V-Tail ConfigurationQuadcopter V-Tail

A little less performance than the X or + configuration but easier to see through the new shape.


To be precise we actually have to talk about multicopter configurations on this page, because a multicopter is a quadrocopter when the motor count is 4.  Besides quadrocopters there are tons of other configurations one can build.

There are for example bicopters, tricopters, Y6 copters, hexacopters in X configuration, hexacopter in plus configuration, octocopters and more!

But when you are into real acro flying like we are on quadrocoptertricks.com – stick with the quadcopters 🙂

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